Friday, November 13, 2015

Using Vastu Index – Tutorial 002

This is tutorial 2. In this we wish to start with example of tilted floor plan. Find below is floor plan which is not aligned parallel. example layout
example layout

In the example above, we find that walls are not parallel to any of the directional axis. In this case, the first step should be create a grid aligned to the directions and wrapping the flat plan. See the
output below:
with grids

Once you have got the grid correct, now we need to identify the locations of the structural parameters
  1. Entrance – Entrance is located in the west grid
  2. Living room – Living room predominantly falls in Centre and portion in North and west. Other smaller regions can be ignored.
  3. Bathroom and Toilet – Mainly in South east and South
  4. Kitchen – Belongs to West and South west grid
  5. Bedroom – Mainly in the East and South blocks and portion in Southwest and Center
  6. Open spaces is tricky in tilted vastu. For example look at window located in East block. The window faces northeast direction. So for sake of calculation of vastu index we consider one window each facing north and east. So if we do this way we have, 4 windows opening south, 4 windows opening West, 3 windows opening East and 3 windows opening North
Lets feed these parameters in the tool. The result is as under

Detailed results also shown in the chart below:
Breakup across all parameters

Did you calculate Vastu Index for your home? Try now.

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