Friday, November 13, 2015

Using Vastu Index - Tutorial 001

Thanks for all your support and feedback. One general feedback was more tutorials on how to find directions and use Vastu Index tool. Examples are best way to get understand this. We start with this random example found on example layout
example layout

We have already identified directions and drawn the layout of the flat. Now fit the flat in a square or rectangle and divide the Vastu in nine directional grids as shown below. with grids
with grids

Now we identify elements in each of the nine grids and determine parameters required by Vastu Index.
  • North East – Bedroom, Bathroom, WC
  • East – Living room, Bathroom, WC
  • South East – Living room, Entrance
  • South – Kitchen, Living room (dining)
  • South West – Kitchen, Open space
  • West – Bed room, Bathroom, WC
  • North west – Bedroom
  • North – Bedroom
  • Center – Living room, Bedroom
  • For open spaces
    • West – 6
    • East – 2 (including door)
    • None opening in South or North.
In terms of our parameters we will have
  • Entrance – South East
  • Living Room –East, South East, Center, south
  • Kitchen – South, South West
  • Bedroom – North East, North, Northwest, West, Center
  • Toilet – North East, East, West
  • Bathroom – Northeast, east, west
  • Open space on North – NIL
  • Open spaces on East – 2
  • Open spaces on South – NIL
  • Open spaces on West – 6
vastu index layout

Result Map  

While we have shown you example of how to use the tool, we reiterate our objective. Vastushastra was developed in era when Air conditioners, electric fans, tubelights, etc were unimaginable. With this critical approach, we oppose blind practice Vastushastra. With our modern approach, Vastu Index is just a tool to provide online tool for self evaluation of residential properties. We believe in continuous improvement, your feedback shall be helpful.

Did you calculate Vastu Index for your home? Try now.

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